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AMNSIS has successfully concluded its much awaited Annual Exhibition on the auspicious occasion of India’s 77th Independence Day

AMNSIS has successfully concluded its much awaited Annual Exhibition on the auspicious occasion of India’s 77th Independence Day


AMNS international school witnessed the extravaganza of learning through their knowledge fest on 15th August, 2023. The exhibition provided a platform for students to demonstrate their learning, projects, and skills in a diverse range of subjects.

The students' dedication was evident in their passionate explanations and active engagement with visitors. They demonstrated a deep understanding of their projects through debates, quiz, speeches, drama, dance, music, art and a variety of other presentations 

Various genres of drama were brought to life by the students of the Drama Club through versatility and dedication, thus honing their acting skills and stagecraft techniques. While one play - The Postmaster by Rabindranath Tagore portrayed the transient nature of human relations, the other - Machchar ki Kahani emphasized on the importance of cleanliness.

The science exhibits included interactive experiments, models and demonstrations  elucidating complex concepts in Science while the exhibits of the Maths club gave a deep insight into various lucid concepts explained by our young students.

The Tech Club was seen teaching the audience how to create videos thereby emphasizing on  the advancement in the field of technology and the AI Powered Voice Assistant being the major highlight.

Eco Club accentuated the importance of sustainability and the pressing need to ‘Go Green’.

The students showcased their creativity and expression through art, dance and music. The Art Club featured a captivating array of paintings and crafts. Their commitment to producing exceptional works was evident in every brushstroke and detail. 

The Dance Club enthralled the audience by their fluid moves, unfurling the profound essence of the nine cardinal principles enshrined in the Indian Preamble, thus bringing to life the ideals that form the bedrock of the nation's foundation.

The Music Club demonstrated their synergy and teamwork through synchronized performances, showcasing their ability to create harmonious and dynamic musical experiences, thus turning the atmosphere light and entertaining. 

The students showcased their eloquence through their speeches in the TedEd, the Debate and the MUN Club. The speeches of the TedEd club centered around stimulating topics like ‘Unrealistic Beauty Standards’ and ‘I Am Not Brave but Strong’ while the arguments of the Debate Club revolved around topics like ‘India can’t afford space exploration’. On the other hand, the delegates of the MUN club discussed some gripping issues like World Crisis and inequality- all of which prompted thought-provoking discussions, inspiring attendees to consider their own perspectives on the topic.

The audience was greatly intrigued by the exhibits of the Chess Club. The live demonstration of the benefits and future of Chess was the highlight. 

Quiz club showcased the intellectual prowess and the collaborative spirit of its members through their research done on interesting career options and study destinations as well as India’s Global Outreach program.

Knowledge Fest 2023 was a resounding success, showcasing the remarkable talents and achievements of the students. The event not only celebrated their creativity and intellect but also provided a platform for the school and visitors to appreciate the fruits of their efforts. Through the various exhibits and interactive zones, attendees were able to gain a deeper understanding of the students' abilities and the school's commitment to holistic education.