Guidelines to Parents & Guardians

  1. The School expects co-operation from the parents to ensure that their ward:
    • comes to school regularly, punctually and dressed neatly.
    • carries all the books and notebooks according to the time-table.
    • does not carry valuables to school.
    • is prepared for revision tests and brings test notebooks to school every Monday.
    • takes a balanced interest in academics and co-curricular activities.
  2. Parents are requested to take care that their ward:
    • maintains personal hygiene like : trimming of nails, cleaning ears and teeth on regular basis.
    • sleeps for at least eight hours daily.
    • takes a balance diet.
    • avoids buying eatables from road side vendors.
  3. Parents should:
    • deworm all children at least once a year. (Advice to be taken from the family physician.)
    • get their ward vaccinated as per the advice given by the family doctor.
    • encourage their ward to develop a healthy attitude towards the community, school and the nation.
  4. The remarks which may be made in the school diary and ENTAB by the teachers should be regularly seen.
  5. Parents’ remarks can be made in the school diary on the relevant pages for information of the teachers.
  6. Daily pocket money should be restricted and excessive spending discouraged.
  7. In case of any emergency, parents are requested to contact +91.261 2874073 only.
Guidelines to Parents & Guardians