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A Spectacular Showcase of Talent and Team Spirit on Primary Sports Day 2023-24

A Spectacular Showcase of Talent and Team Spirit on Primary Sports Day 2023-24


The Annual Sports Day of AMNS international school unfolded with great enthusiasm and energy, showcasing a remarkable display of talent and team spirit. The event, was held on 3rd Feb’24 which brought together students, parents, and teachers for an evening filled with fun, excitement, and healthy competition.

The programme started with a dazzling display of unity and school spirit of AMNS ians - The March Past of the four houses of the school came together in a breathtaking spectacle. This event showcased not only the discipline and coordination of our students but also emphasized the importance of values and commitment within the school community. The vibrant energy and enthusiastic participation reflected the competitive spirit and the strong sense of friendship within the houses.

Following the March Past, the Council each house along with the sports secretary gathered for the Oath-Taking Ceremony. Our students took a pledge in a poetic way to play a fair and collaborative game. 

Annual report reflected on the academic year 2024, encapsulating the highlights, achievements, and milestones that defined the commitment to excel.  The report served as a proof of the hard work, dedication of students and staff.  It also celebrated the vibrant community that makes AMNS International School an example of learning and growth.

The events ……. challenging the hurdles; medley movements; meticulous kinesthetics; deft coordination; overcoming conundrum; spirited collaboration; crawling partners; pushups in style; stick and ball illusive adhesion, squat jump steer and the relay race was indeed a roller-coaster ride watching the children participate in these events. 

Followed by the displays - the spectacular aerobics in pink and blue attire by our talented grade one and two students left the audience dumbfounded.

One of the most anticipated performances was the Dwarf Dance, a heartwarming and entertaining act that captured the audience's hearts. Our students, with their infectious enthusiasm, showcased their dancing prowess, proving that talent knows no boundaries.

Karate, a traditional Japanese martial art, is renowned for its diverse range of techniques that combine powerful strikes, kicks, and defensive techniques.  Our students showcased kata form, basic and self-defense techniques.  This was followed by the breathtaking tile breaking act.

Adding a touch of flair and creativity, the Hoola Hoop display was a mesmerizing spectacle. Students demonstrated their dexterity and coordination as they skillfully maneuvered the hoola hoops.  The colorful display not only entertained but also showcased the diverse talents of our students.

The sports day also featured waving flags where students creatively used the flags in colors of blue, yellow and red …...  to twirl, swirl and make formations.  The ultimate was the carving of the name of the AMNS.

The carefully choreographed routines demonstrated not only physical fitness but also artistic flair. The synchronized movements and vibrant energy of the participants left the audience in awe, celebrating the importance of fitness and well-being.

This was followed by the Prize Distribution Ceremony which recognized winners of the sports events Honor was done by our Principal Ma’am awarding the student’s commitment to physical fitness, discipline and spirited competition. 

The day concluded with a vote of thanks and a surprise event for all.  A Zumba dance.  The whole ambience echoed with excitement.  The parents, students and teachers swayed and matched with the beats of the Zumba tunes.

The Annual Sports Day was a great success, leaving everyone with cherished memories of a day filled with joy, laughter, and outstanding performances. The event not only promoted physical activity but also nurtured a sense of unity and school spirit among students, parents, and teachers. We look forward to continue this tradition of celebrating sports, talent, and teamwork in the years to come.