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AMNSIS celebrates Tech Week

AMNSIS celebrates Tech Week


AMNS School celebrated Tech Week from 30th April 2024 to 03rd May 2024. It was dedicated to highlighting advancements in AI, Digital transformation, Cybersecurity, and the future of work being reshaped by technology. As part of the Tech Week students presented the following activities:

  • A slideshow on the business areas where Artificial Intelligence is used, along with the use of AI Robots in Areas of Food Delivery, Ware House, Security Agencies and News Rooms.
  • Hands on - Generative AI for constructive usage.
  • Skit on Cyber Ethics and Awareness about Cyber Crime, Pledge to practice Cyber Ethics.
  • Demonstration of Sigma an AI Powered Voice Assistant coded in Python by students of our school.

Tech Week plays a crucial role in fostering innovation and driving progress.