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Annual Day 2023 Celebration

Annual Day 2023 Celebration


Annual Day 2023 Celebration

Anvarat - the flow of time enthrals audience

Anvarat - the flow of time, was the theme of AMNSIS Annual Day 2023, celebrated on 23 December.

The program, by the students of Grades 6 to 11, consisting of a grand cultural show to showcase the transformation in traditions, values, and outlooks over a period of time captivated the audience and left them mesmerized

 Ganesh Vandana, a classical dance, set the tone of the evening. This was followed by the welcome of the chief guest, Mr Ajay Tomar, the Police Commissioner of Surat, and the audience.

The teachers completing 15 years in the school and the students who topped the board exams and won prizes at national level were felicitated by the chief guest for their achievement.

In her speech, Matoo Mam, gave a message on the importance of changing with times, and of how we face transitions shape our life, so all should grab the opportunities that help in changing for the better.

Mr Tomar, in his address to the gathering, emphasised on the fact that children should not be judged and compared on the basis of academics and achievements. All children are born the same. It is the life skills that makes the difference and can take one places.

Anvarat, which presented the flow of time through generations was introduced with a live sand art. The changes in the family dynamics, from age old customs and thoughts to the new technology driven times, over the years was aptly shown through the play ‘Family’ and ‘Alexa’.

Transition in grandmother bedtime stories was presented thorough skits like Vikram Betal, Tenali Rama, Chacha Chaudhary and Nobita. The age-old stereotype was confronted through a courtroom drama on ‘it is okay for men to cry’ and so on.

With time, music and dances have also evolved. This was presented through different forms of classical and western dances; and the fusion of both. In the same way, Bollywood music has also undergone a transformation. Popular Bollywood songs and dances from the by-gone era made the audience nostalgic and relive their childhood memories.

Through a musical, the students also shed light on peer pressure and drug abuse, addressing the current problems of this generation.

The chief guest and the audience were quite appreciative of the program consisting of beautiful dances, heart-warming music and value based skits and enjoyed it thoroughly.