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Grade 2 students visit Golden Harvest and vegetable vendor

Grade 2 students visit Golden Harvest and vegetable vendor


The students of Grade 2 went to the Golden Harvest and a vegetable vendor to learn the uses of plants, how plants give us variety of food, and identify vegetables and fruits. They felt the banana plant stem to learn that they have soft overlapping stem; and observed banana flowers growing into a fruit. They learnt the importance of a coconut tree, naming it as magic tree as its’ fruit, stem and leaf all are useful. 

They were made to identify the vegetables belonging to the gourd family - long bottle gourd, round bottle gourd, bitter gourd, ash gourd, ridge gourd, ivy gourd, pointed gourd, sponge gourd. They were also shown and told about the melons - water melon and musk melon of different varieties. They also recognised the beans family - french beans, long beans, cow pea, green pea. The teacher cut the vegetables or pealed the pods to show the seeds inside them. 

After the visit the students were able to identify and explain why some vegetables are eaten raw and some cooked. Then they made a salad using all parts of the plant and enjoyed the salad.