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Learning Fiesta 2023 for students of classes 6-8 ended in great success

Learning Fiesta 2023 for students of classes 6-8 ended in great success


Learning Fiesta 2023 for students of classes 6-8 ended in great success, with all students participating and exhibiting their skills.

Students of class 6 were engaged in the display of Maths and Science models made by them, based on various concepts. A team from class 6A, comprising of Jiyan Patolia, Beegala Chakradhar, Akshan Khemka and Navisha Banthia won the first prize for their working models on Lcm and Hcf and a jigsaw puzzle on integers while another team comprising of Shrishti Singh, Dhwanil Shah, Sarang Shinkar and Hiyasha Griglani won the second prize for their working model on Statistics.

In class 6B, the first prize went to the team comprising of Srinika Pani, Suvarna Bachhuka, Titiksha Thakur, Unnati BV for their working model on hydraulic bridge. The second position was won by a team consisting of Vivaan Pala, Vyona Mazumdar and Yug Shah for their working model on air purifier.

Students of 6C presented Math models on LCM and Geometry. The first position went to a team of 6 students comprising of Sharvi Shah, Liana Shyamsukha, Kavish Arora, Khanak Patel, Rishika Jha and Mihira Sharma while the second position went to Jayani Sarkar, N. Ritiksha, Aradhya Chowdhary, Shaurya Pratap Singh and Medha Mishra.

In class 6 D, the team consisting of Saumya Kulkarni, Anika Tiwari, Rosezen Hataria, Jill Purohit, Tanishka Suva, Kamaksha Rathod and Khushi Bajaj bagged the first prize for their model on Hemo dialyser, while the second prize was bagged by the team with Panache Banerjee, Jess Rodrigues, Dwit Javia, Hrishi Savaliya and Neelaksh Jain for their Atom model stump with LED

Students of class 7 participated enthusiastically in english debate and hindi declamation. Their eloquence and oratory skills were worth the praise. Tia Joshi and Aryan Bohra of 7A got the first prize for debating on the topic, ‘Fast food is a convenience; not a health hazard’ while Trisha Mehta and Shravya Patel of 7D got the second position from among 8 teams of articulate speakers on the motion ‘People who pursue arts don’t do too well in life’. Darsh Sinha and Mann Trivedi of 7D got the third prize for presenting their controversial points of view on the topic ‘Being extremely rich ruins your mental peace’

Shravya Patel was crowned the best speaker.

Yoshita Sana of 7C won the first prize for reciting a speech by Shri Narendra Modi while the second position was secured by Kanak Jain of 7B who enumerated a speech by Swami Vivekanand. The third position went to Tanishka Desai of 7C who recited a speech by Shrimati Indira Gandhi. A consolation prize was also given to a very deserving candidate, Rutvi Patel of 7B, for reciting a speech by Bhagat Singh.

Grade 8 students participated in 'Teach Me A Concept' activity. Students came up with varied concepts in different subjects and unique topics. After the preliminary round, three students from each section competed in the final round. At the end of the event, Kavya Desai won the first position for her interesting concept of aerodynamics in aeroplanes which she presented using paper planes and the likes. Kashvi Singh won the second place for her concept of math and science in Music which she presented using models made of paper cups and cardboard. Tristy Agarwal stood third for her concept of purifying waste water into drinking water using a model. B Santhravadhani was awarded a consolation prize for her concept of why India has fewer sky scrapers compared to other Asian countries, using an interesting video. Students used models, PPT, videos and other teaching aids to teach their concept.