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Spread a smile and kindness week

Spread a smile and kindness week


‘SMILE’ – the word itself speaks of joy.

Our school celebrated ‘Spread a smile and kindness’ week from 29th April 2024 till 3rd May 2024 in primary section. During this week the children were welcomed in the class through smiling doors.

The children of grades I, II, III and IV created beautiful baskets with smileys, made hairbands, created beautiful emojis and depicted each of it, made smiley badges etc.

They danced joyfully on the tunes of ‘Dil hai chota sa’ with a big smile on their face. The children sang the song “Look for the Good” with great enthusiasm.

They shared their little acts of kindness like – a child took an injured pet to the veterinary with his parents, they gave grains and water to birds, helped their classmates by sharing pencils, food etc, helped the watchman by giving the parcel to the neighbours, brought a chair for an old woman, assisted a sick child to the office for medical help.