9A immortals

Poetry by: Mahek Banthia, Grade XA

  • Posted on 15-Feb-2022 , by Administrator

Every fight I recall,
Every sleepy roll call.

How we all jumped up high for a period of games,
How we all started to point out names.

We hardly got good grades in the test,
But still we all were different from the rest.

We all were there for each other through bad times and good,
Mostly we were kind but sometimes a little rude.

Begging each other for notes in online,
We were always a kid even through grade nine.

We were always a storm; never quiet,
A mixture of wrong and punches of right.

Through every kick of the ball,
Through roaming in the halls.

Having guts to stand up to friends,
Living in washrooms at beginnings and ends.

How we all used to yell,
On the top of our voice “Shail!”.

We always managed a tiny sneak peeks,
Through our horrible answers in the worksheets.

In the recess shouting so high,
Looking outside the window to see the birds fly.

Helping each other through sums so hard,
Every velocity and acceleration that retard.

Sharing books through English class to be able to sit together,
As if it was a moment of forever.

As days of summer shifted, to winter, to spring,
We all became passionate to observe small things.

I can’t believe that an year passed by,
How we all perfectly managed secrets to hide.

I can’t believe how our class was a fish market every moment,
I cherish each and every minute that I spent.

- the purest of hearts and warmest of smiles

- Mahek Banthia | Grade 10A