Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Trees are life - We’ve heard this tons of times. What we’ve not understood is how our life itself is a tree. Down within the molecular little heart of life the trees and we are similar. Each part of a tree is an essential part of our life. The way each wedge flourishes teaches us how to flourish in our life.

  • Posted on 09-Oct-2020 , by Administrator

The strongest part of a tree is its roots. When we water the roots of our life we allow our soul to blossom. The vital minerals we have to absorb from the impurities in the soil of impurities around us, are kindness and compassion and gratitude and appreciation. Allow it to permeate into us, our life with the help of xylem, our family. Our family is like xylem and phloem, helping us inculcate positive qualities and spreading them too.

Happiness is the chlorophyll, absorbing only the positive radiance in our surroundings. Carbon-dioxide symbolizes lessons from mistakes. All of these react together to form love, integrity, courage, friendship and connection - the food for life. Peace and service act like the oxygen, beneficial for others and even you when the darkness overshadows the sunlight.

These values osmose into every cell of life, diffusing further into others automatically once brimming in itself. Moreover, without even a single one of these, the tree is incomplete. One loose branch means a toppled life, with weak roots one can withstand no storm, disruption in intracellular and vascular bundles leads to death. This does not mean biological death, but psychological, as in the soul.

Youth is the best time to strengthen our roots. Early influences last longer. But, it also never too late to do so in adulthood.

Thus, we shouldn’t search among the branches what lies in the roots, in us or others. Rather, connect with the roots. Turn over a new leaf and bend before we break. Most importantly, enjoy our natural beauty and never stop growing!!

- Devanshi Jindal